Spittoon Saloon - Episode 7 - Clayton Reabow - Môreson

Clayton Reabow left the bustling metropolis of Qonce on the banks of the Buffalo River to become the winemaker / cellarmaster / raconteur / provocateur / taster / whateverer at Môreson in Franschhoek.

Today, apart from the very fine range of Môreson wines, Clayton is also behind some pretty nifty MCC's made under their Miss Molly brand. We talked about that, affordable bubbly, not-so affordable bubbly,

Clayton's love for Franschhoek and his wife and kids, and his bromance with Craig Mcnaught from Stony Brook. Oh, and their collaborative project, Lokaia, is very exciting. With Semillon from Bo-Hoek, Chardonnay from the Valley, and Cab Franc from DuToitskop, it's a hands-off take on the best grapes in their favourite places in Franschhoek.