Spittoon Saloon - Episode 6 - Ian Naude & Sakkie Mouton

Ian Naudé marches to the beat of his own drum. If you ask him to go left, he will stop, fix his gaze upon you, and turn right. If you suggest that old vine Carignan is the future, he’ll start looking for a young block of Tinta Barocca. And if you tell him that his time is up, he will frown, stand, pick up his Langpad Colombard and storm off set.

But there’s more to Ian than a bona fide contrarian who makes remarkable juice. He is fiercely committed to discovering young winemakers and helping them reach their potential.

In this episode, he discusses one he is particularly excited about, and their shared interest in the West Coast of South Africa. It’s just a pity Sakkie Mouton couldn’t join us.