20 Things to do in Stellenbosch, South Africa Travel Guide - Samuel and Audrey

Join us as we visit Stellenbosch, South Africa showcasing the best things to do in Stellenbosch in this travel guide to the Cape Winelands region of the Western Cape. Our focus was of course touring around world class vineyards and wine farms in and around Stellenbosch; however, we also covered some of best outdoor activities and cultural experiences such as going on a vineyard segway tour, wine safari, visiting a township and eating a local Xhosa meal. Stellenbosch town has numerous attractions worth visiting and a wonderful cafe, restaurant and nightlife scene. Fortunately, we had a chance to explore on foot and bicycle to see a different side of town. Overall, our Stellenbosch travel guide covers sipping wine, gourmet eating and fun activities for couples, friends and/or families.

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