Meet Bellevue's "wild child" - The Bellevue Malbec

Some people call this wine the "wild child" of the Bellevue range. The Bellevue Malbec is a very different wine, showing aromatics unlike any other varietal - very much on the herbaceous side.

This Malbec is a unique example of the cultivar, showing deep colour and fynbos flavours. Matured in French oak for 12 months, the nose shows hints of rosemary and mint. The palate is packed with plums, berries and spices, followed by soft tannins and a lingering finish.

TASTE: Ripe cherry, fynbos earthiness, ripe dark fruit, plum
SMELL: Berry, cherry, plum, rosemary, mint, fynbos
COMPLEMENTS: spicy foods barbecues roasted meats / herbed rubbed meats spicy foods CUISINE: Mexican, Thai, Middle eastern, Spanish

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