Nederburg Double Barrel with spicy tshotlho on pasta ribbons

Nice ‘n slow, this melt-in-the-mouth brisket of beef dish needs time and lots of it. That’s the way for its rich tomato and spicy goodness to meld into the fibre of the meat. When done, its umami velvety softness will be ready to crown a pillowy bed of pasta.

Affirm its hearty goodness with a wine that also takes its time to reach its best. A Bordeaux-style Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend, what sets it apart is a double-barrel treatment. Every wine going into the composition is made separately and left to age in French oak. In time, these individual components are brought together to achieve a fragrant fusion of plump, juicy black and blue berry flavours with a lovely savoury depth. Then it goes back into wood a second time to polish and round it out.

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