Introducing Steenberg Five Lives Red Blend

Five Lives ∙ Five Chapters ∙ One Lifetime

With this delicious new wine, we show admiration to the life-long resilience and courage of our founder, Catharina Ras.

The life of Catharina was one of adventure and zeal and can be imagined into a tale of FIVE chapters.

These FIVE chapters illustrate the FIVE LIVES of Catharina and how she was able to harness her courage, overcome challenges, and be resilient through each new chapter and each new life.

The wine itself is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and is lush and structured with a velvety texture and great length. You can expect notes of blackcurrant cassis, earth, basil and plum.

Discover the story by collecting all FIVE chapters. The FIVE chapters are narrated on a series of different back labels.