Harvest season at Bellevue Wine Estate

Behind the scenes compilation of Harvest season at Bellevue Wine Estate.

The Bellevue Wine Estate started out as a livestock farm long before it made history as the center of commercial pinotage cultivation in South Africa. Our characteristic, closely planted bush vines lends itself naturally to sustainable, biodynamic cultivation, while delivering fruit with intense and concentrated flavour.

A trio consisting of owner and winemakers Dirkie Morkel, Wilhelm Kritzinger & Anneke Potgieter incorporate the harvests of these gnarly old vines with innovative production methods to produce award winning wines.

“You cannot make good wine with bad grapes. My job and responsibility is to ensure that only the best quality grapes get to the cellar to enable the winemaker to create wines we can be proud of” - Dirkie Morkel, expert viticulturist at Bellevue Wine Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa.