Neethlingshof Estate Terroir

Soil, climate and vines co-exist in perfect harmony at Neethlingshof. The Tukulu, Vilafonte  and Oakleaf  soils occurring  on  the  Estate  are  ideal  for viticulture. Vineyard altitude varies from 65 m to 282 m above sea level and the predominant aspects are South and South-west facing. Sea breezes from the Atla ntic Ocean cool the vineyards during hot summer days and the resultant slow ripening of the grapes leads to optimal flavours and ripe tannins in the wine.

From  2003  Neethlingshof   intensified  the  biodiversity-orientated   strategy  in farming practices and established a much-improved balance between farming and nature.  Of  the farm's 277 ha, 100 ha  are today  planted  to vines,  leaving  the remaining   64%  of   its  total   land   for  nature conservation.  As a WWF Conservation Champion Neethlingshofs philosophy, extended through every aspect of winemaking and farming on the Estate, is guided by the respect we have and show towards the Estate's natural flora and fauna.