Meet Ivanna Ganesh - The Distell Inter Hotel Challenge Chef of the Year

Meet Chef Ivanna Ganesh, one of the most promising young chefs the Beverly Hills has to offer. Ivanna is 23 years old and started cooking from the age of seven, her best part of her childhood was cooking with her mother in Phoenix.

Ivanna started her professional cooking career in 2016, after completing a diploma in Culinary Arts at Life Preparation. She trained at the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel, then went on to work with world-class chefs at The Chef’s Table in the beautiful Umhlanga precinct and The Square Boutique Hotel, she then returned home to the Beverly Hills where she has made a very memorable mark to date. Ivanna enjoys cooking pasta and loves to bake.

Her role model is the infamous Marco Pierre White. Ivanna’s passion is fine dining and nouvelle cuisine, she has shown amazing attention to detail when plating and creating dishes. Ivanna’s Kitchen Motto: Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters.

The ‘Distell Inter-Hotel Challenge Chef of the Year 2020’ is set to enjoy a three-week internship with Taj Hotels in India (, with flights sponsored where possible by Distell.

Over the years winners have been invited to Long Beach Mauritius (2013), Taj Mahal Palace India (2014), the Shangri-La in Dubai (2015), The Alcron in Prague (2016), The Marriott Ritz-Carlton Hotel and JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai (2017), NH Collection Barbizon Palace hotel, D’Vijff Vlieghen and Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky (2018), and most recently Minor Hotels in Bangkok; at Anantara Riverside Bangkok Hotel, Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel and Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotels (2019), and assisted with Michelin star chefs who participated in the World Gourmet Festival.