Meet Sohail Seegobin - The Distell Inter Hotel Challenge Pastry Chef of the Year

Sohail is 21 years old and started baking from a tender age with his Gran. He studied at the South African Hospitality Institute, Chef’s Training Academy and Cake Engineering School. Sohail has worked at the Bread Mill (previously known as Bread Ahead very popular amongst the Durban community), the Renegade Kitchen and up until just recently at the Beverly Hills Hotel and now at the exclusive Pencil Club in Durban. He shows finesse in the artisanal craft of pastry and thrives on baking exquisite cakes.

“My all-time favorite dish to make when I am hosting or just need a pick me up is to turn to the good old butter Madeira, something so simple yet so versatile which can be dressed up or down,” says Sohail. “My role models are Chef Joanita Venter (Beverly Hills Executive Pastry Chef) & Kishi Arora (Founder of Foodaholics)”

Sohail’s Kitchen Motto: If you have a constant unwavering desire to be a better chef than you were yesterday the days before you will be great.

The ‘Distell Inter-Hotel Challenge Pastry Chef of the Year 2020’ is invited to experience a three-week internship in France, the home of fine patisserie at the exquisite Château La Creuzette in Boussac with hosts Louis Jansen van Vuuren and Hardy Olivier. A ravishing prize where the winner will continue to broaden their culinary skills and at the same time absorb incomparable French flair.