NERO rises - Bosman launches South Africa’s first Nero d’Avola

Enjoy NERO. From Africa with love. Made by the Bosman & Bakoena families. Resilience in a bottle 

Bosman Family Vineyards, together with South African actor / filmmaker Thapelo Mokoena of Bakoena Brands, has just released ‘Nero’ onto the UK market - a pioneering new wine brand and the first and only South African wine to be made from the Sicilian variety Nero d’Avola.

The progressive brand, which champions diversity, resilience and South African heritage, arrives on shelf this week at Sainsbury’s.

To promote the launch, Mokoena has collaborated with fellow South African UK-based music producer Sip Warner, to release a unique NERO soundtrack and promo video highlighting the Nero messages and celebrating the rhythm of Africa.