Livio Tognon training our vineyard pruning team

Villiera Wines started working with Livio Tognon of Simonit and Sirch (Italian vineyard specialists) in 2014. Since then Livio has visited us from Italy in mid-June until November in order to train our vineyard pruning team. This is of course impossible for 2020, so our vineyard team are getting into Virtual Training sessions. In the video you will see Livio presenting his virtual training and Simon Grier doing the practical part.

Simonit and Sirch have also appointed Luca to oversee things on this side. We are all having to adapt to this new normal. Ultimately, at Villiera we are looking at increasing the productive life of our vineyards to over 50 years. At the same time improving the uniformity, quality and the ability of the vines to withstand stress. To facilitate this the idea is to make as few pruning wounds as possible, only small wounds, do a lot of suckering (Summer pruning) and maintain chronological order.

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