Blacc Study Group and Master Class WITU

Blacc Study group is an initiative I started before Covid 19. Members of Blacc who work in the wine industry and are interested in taking an advance wine exam join the study group simply to learn more about wine. After meeting for a few weeks we finished the entire WSET Level 2 study guide. I thought it would be a creative way to learn by talking to actual professionals in the wine and spirits business so I invited winemakers, sommeliers and vineyard managers to host Master Classes. We meet each week online Tuesday and Thursday for this master class.

Let’s talk about how women specifically black women are transforming the wine industry! With the help of the SA Wine Transformation Unit lead by Wendy Petersen opportunities for brand awareness, distribution and access are being made possible. The landscape and culture of wine is changing! Find out more on Thursday in our Blacc Study Group and Master class.

1. Wendy Petersen from SA Wine Transformation Unit
2. Siwel Masago from Siwela Wines
3. Rosemary Mosia from Bridge of Hope Wine