Oldenburg Vineyards Red Wine Overview Video May 2019

Watch how Nic van Aarde goes through a tasting of all the 2019 wines produced in the brand new Oldenburg Vineyards Cellar.
What was apparent from the tasting was that despite a challenging harvest (frequent rain and unusually cool conditions), the wines are in great shape. The vineyards on Rondekop are delivering exceptional fruit! We have found that our strategy of opening up the vineyard canopies by removing leaves, and thereby allow sunlight penetration on the bunches, promotes ripening.
This also allowed us to pick earlier than previous harvests, which lowered alcohol levels. The wines are already expressing their sense of Place - and in a very distinctive manner. This is excellent news. If we are already seeing these positive attributes in the wines, time in barrel will only further improve them. Nic’s plan is to use less new wood, with older barrels set to play a role in producing more elegant, true to terroir wines. In a nutshell - very exciting. Bravo Nic!