A story of hope

This is a story of hope! A Blueprint for South Africa in terms of an education model that really caters for every child. When we started this journey 2 years ago, it seemed impossible. 8 Months ago there was not brick on site. Today we have school with 240 grateful Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners and will finish construction of the additional classrooms and workshops by June this year. Eventually we will have a school for over a 1000 learners, which otherwise would not have had access to a high school in our town. The total project cost is close to R100m. Astounding is the fact that we are about 93% funded, all from donations, volunteers and discounts from suppliers. The Western Cape Education Department contributed R34m and will fund the teachers and running costs of the school in the long run. The finish line is in sight, but we need R7m by June 2018. We are appealing to like-hearted to help us raise these funds and in doing so, become part of the solution to our beautiful country. You won't get a better return on your money anywhere in the world. Please share the story and help us make a difference. All local contributions are tax deductible and count 100% towards Social Development ito BEE legislation. Please contact me at wilhelm@sa3.co.za if you want more information.