Avontuur Estate - From the Vine - Into the Glass

This video provides the viewer with a basic idea of how our grapes end up as a delicious glass of wine. It starts out with some shots of the grapes being harvested in the vineyards and then follows the grape as it gets de-stemmed, pressed, fermented, barrelled, tasted, tested, blended, bottled etc.This simple educational does not go into much detail about the winemaking process but rather highlights the fun and passion involved in the process. The beautiful landscapes and surrounding also provide a scenic backdrop for many shots. We briefly reveal how long some of our red wines stay in barrel for and how our Winemaker, Jan Van Rooyen, will then go about blending certain components. You will get a feel for how many different people are involved in the step by step process. Our very loyal team can be seen throughout the different phases. We like to show our viewers exactly where our grapes are grown and the care that is taken by making sure every step of the winemaking process is carefully managed. We want our customers to feel like they are part of the Avontuur story so that they can identify with us.